RM500, 000 early aids including RM10, 000 each for three victims in Baling flash flood –PM Ismail

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PUTRAJAYA JULY 5: The Federal Government had allocated RM500, 000 for early aids including RM10, 000 each to three members in the family who had died in the flash flood that hit Lembangan Sungai Kupang and Sungai Tiak, Baling Kedah yesterday (4th July 2022).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob who is now on his official visit to the Republic of Turkiye said, his Political Secretary Datuk Mohammad Anuar together with the Implementation Coordinating Unit (ICU) and the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) had given out the “Bantuan Wang Ihsan” (BWI) to 112 heads of households (KIR) in the areas affected by the flood today.

Ismail added, most of the houses affected by the disaster had been damaged while 25 houses were completely destroyed.

“I have instructed all the government agencies involved to examine the damages and repair should be implemented to ensure the victims have a place to stay after the disaster.

“Other forms of aids will be delivered immediately including the cleaning of areas affected and projects of critical flood barriers. The Federal Government is committed to provide reasonable allocation for such incident,” Ismail said in a statement.

The Prime Minister stressed that he will make sure the welfare and the safety of the flood victims will be attended to via close cooperation from all sectors at the Federal and State Government.

Meanwhile Ismail had also instructed the Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Mohd. Zuki Ali to give out aids to the heads of households including RM1,000 cash (Bantuan Wang Ihsan); aids for basic necessities worth RM2,500; electrical equipments worth RM500 and house repairs.

Ismail said, the flash flood had caused three deaths and affected 1,490 victims involving 112 heads of households (KIR). Three Temporary Evacuation Centres (PPS) had been opened namely PPS SMK Jerai, PPS Surau An Nur and PPS SMK Agama Al-Khiriah. – Malaysia World News


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