RM100 million allocated for Malaysian Family Sales Programme

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PUTRAJAYA: The RM100 million allocated for the Malaysian Family Sales Programme will enable the people to buy essential goods cheaper by 20 per cent once a week to lessen the burden of the cost of living every month.

Minister of Communications and Multimedia and Chairman of the Committee to Address Inflation Movement Special Team, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said, this effort is possible as the commodities sold include chicken, fish, eggs, sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, vegetables and fruits.

Annuar added, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob in the Dewan Rakyat today (18th July 2022), this programme has been well received not only by the people but also from all Members of Parliament (MP) and the State Government. The programme will be held every week.

Meanwhile, Annuar said, the Malaysian Family Sales Programme Meeting will be conducted nationwide covering 600 state assembly constituencies via Phase 2.0 that starts in July until end of 2022.

“For chicken and egg, the government is committed in helping the Malaysian Family to address the rising cost of living and for the first time it has been proven with the increase in subsidy provision of more than RM77 billion compared to the original allocation of RM31 billion in 2022.

“From the total RM1.1 billion is allocated for chicken and egg subsidies. This is the first time the government has given subsidy for chicken to ensure the supply of the commodity is recovered. Currently the price of chicken has become stable,” Annuar said in a statement.

Annuar added, the average price of chicken nationwide until 9th July was RM9.22 while Pahang had recorded as low as RM8.95. The Special Team had been informed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) until 17th July 2022, 521,995 inspections had been conducted nationwide involving RM52 million worth of commodities that have been seized.

“To address the palm cooking oil issue, the period between 1st July-15th July 2022, 9,493 inspections have been conducted at 3,316 premises and about RM2.1 million worth of palm cooking oil have been confiscated,” Annuar said.

Annuar also emphasized that the government will channel the necessary information so that the people will understand the importance of cooperation in addressing inflation and not being easily swayed by people with self-agenda by spreading fake news.

“The government will continue to work hand-in hand with the other enforcement units such as Royal Police Malaysia (RPM), Customs, MAQIS, RELA and other agencies to help KPDNHEP.

“I will guarantee that the Special Team will continue to monitor to avoid the prices of commodities from rising abruptly in all the premises,” Annuar reiterated.- Malaysia World News.





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