Resuming business activities lower unemployment rate to 4.7% in Malaysia – Chief Statistician

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PUTRAJAYA MAY 7: The labour situation was getting better in the first quarter or as of March 2021 with unemployment rate dropped 4.7 percent, said the Statistics Department Malaysia based on the Labour Survey.

Malaysian Chief Statistician, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Uzir Mahidin (pic) said, the month to month comparison is getting better when the number of people working is on the rise while unemployment is decreasing on March 2021.

He said, the number of workers rose by 0.2 percent (+34.3 thousand) as of March 2021 recording 16.08 million people while February 16.05 million with the workers’ participation rate (KPTB) higher at 68.6 percent (February 68.5 percent).

“In that month the number of people working continued to rise at 0.4 percent (+58.7 thousand) to 15.33 million people while in February was 15.27 million. On the other hand, the number of people working is on a decreasing trend for 11 consecutive months for year to year comparison since April 2020 but has recorded for the first time a positive growth with the rising of 0.6 percent (+96.9 thousand people),” Mohd. Uzir said in a statement here today.

Mohd. Uzir added, the ratio of labour utilisation to the population shows the capability of the economy to create opportunities for workers is 65.4 percent (February 2021-65:2percent).

On the other hand, the workers’ category involving 77.9 percent from the total of people employed has increased from 76.8 thousand to 11.95 million on March with February 2021 recording 11.87 million people.

“The same trend is also seen among the self-employed people involving 16.2 percent, an increase of 48.3 thousand recording 2.48 million on March while on February 2.43 million people.

“The increase is in line with the permission to continue businesses for small traders such as retailers, food stall operators and hawkers,” Mohd. Uzir added.

He said, besides that the people not working temporarily is on a decreasing trend to 121.1 thousand people compared to February with 150.8 thousand following the reopening of almost all economic activities continuously in that month.

“Following the economic sectors, the number of people working in the service sectors rose in March 2021 especially in the wholesale and retail trading, food and beverages, education and humanitarian health and social work.

“The same trend happens in the manufacturing and building sector recording an increase, while the labour utilisation in the agriculture sector, mining and quarrying are on a decreasing trend,” he said.-Malaysia World News




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