Reopening economy next week raises concern in Malaysia


PETALING JAYA: To recover the country`s economy that has been frozen for many months since January following the coronavirus outbreak, the Malaysian government has announced today that it will allow almost all businesses to restart next week, effective on May 4.

The measure was taken following the Ministry of Health`s advice, but on condition business sectors should follow the standard operating procedure and the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) instructions, such as practicing social distancing and avoid body contacts and large gathering.

However, analysis suggests that the traffic levels will rise again for the first time since the lockdown began in March 18 as almost all Malaysians will inch back to work.

The number of cars on the road will spike by around 70 per cent as when the economy restarts, shops, building sites and factories reopen.

Analyst also foresees office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and other business premises will be crowded with people, and social distancing may not work all the time.

World health experts have already warned not to reopen businesses “quickly” as it might lead to new waves of Covid-19 infections.

Many scientists and experts advise people to keep staying at home until a vaccine is found and coronavirus is banished.

There is a high risk of getting the infection outside as the virus is still travelling and transmitting from one person to another, said experts.

Yes, it goes without saying the restart of economy will benefit, if not say, will save many business sectors from collapsing as well as saving millions of people from losing their job and income. Some sectors have already started to feel the pain of misery as their savings and food started to vanish.

Millions of people in Malaysia, especially foreign workers and labors, have lost their jobs and incomes as factories and companies closed down as a part of social distancing and MCO policies to slow or prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Reopening shops, factories and companies may bring back these people to happiness again as they will resume their work and start earning again.

The people starts to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” when the government decides to reopen the economic sectors as COVID-19 cases have currently been reduced.

However, risking their health and lives may cost a lot more.- Malaysia World news


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