Rafizi requested to explain his RM17 million wealth to the people


KUALA LUMPUR NOV.7: The candidate for Pandan parliamentary seat, Rafizi Ramli from People’s Justice Party (PKR) is requested to elaborate his declaration of owning wealth worth RM17 million for the sake of transparency as the people have the right to know.

The Council Member and Supreme Leader of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad said, what is puzzling is at the end of December 2021, Invoke has incurred losses with the net assets of RM4.7 million.

He said, in his declaration as of 31 Oct.2022 the value had increased to RM17 million. Is Rafizi willing to expose the contracts or the sources of income that is obtained by Invoke in 2022 that brings to the big increase in value?

“In 2017 Rafizi had made a statement that the shares in Invoke will be distributed to the staff of Invoke who had sacrificed all these years. This was said as an answer to the question of Rizal Mansor whether the money collected will be for his own pocket,” Dr. Abdul Latiff said in a statement today.
Dr. Abdul Latiff was responding to the declaration of assets made by Rafizi in a statement recently.

However after checking with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Dr.Abdul Latiff said, there are 14 shareholders in Invoke.

Rafizi owns 73 per cent or “lion share” from the whole of the company’s shares.

He added, the second biggest shareholder is a businessman, Lee Choo Boo and the third Member of Parliament (MP), Wong Chen from PKR.

“Other shareholders include PKR MP,Akmal Nasrullah and a politician also from PKR, Onn Abu Bakar. Besides that, an engineering company and a foreigner, Hassan Mia Sonday. Meanwhile Lee Choo Boo is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Itramas Corporation.

“Referring to the shareholders as listed, where was the promise that had been made in 2017 that was to distribute the shares to the staff of Invoke? In 2017, Rafizi said there was almost 80 staff in Invoke.

“The question is whether Rafizi did not want to share the wealth worth millions via Invoke shares with the people who have “sacrificed” for him to enable Invoke to be successful?

“I also want Rafizi to answer if the wealth worth RM17 million that is obtained from Invoke will be used for the benefit of the people as aids including the fund is contributed by the people that supports for a fair general election,” Dr. Abdul Latiff said.

According to Dr. Abdul Latiff, Invoke was an initiative aimed at having a fair and free general election that was mooted by Rafizi few years ago. It depends on the support and acceptance from the Malaysians.- Malaysia World News

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