Queen angry and upset the police detaining people who comment about her on social media

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PETALING JAYA: Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah (pic) today said she is disappoined and upset over the police arrest of a social media user who had allegedly posted bad, sedicious comments on twitter about her.

“I am truly upset that the police have detained those people.

“Through the years, my husband and I have never made any police report on bad things said about us.

“It’s a free country,” said Tunku Azizah in a series of tweets after having reactivated her Twitter account today.

She added that she had decided to reactivate her Twitter account immediately when she heard the news that someone has been arrested.

“I myself told the Pihak Istana to inform the police to not take any action. I repeat again, I did not deactivate my account because of them.

“My husband and I have never made police reports, and I have never been sad (when I read comments about me); instead I laugh because Allah knows who I am!” said the Queen.

According to The Star, Khalid Ismath, a former Parti Socialis Malaysia youth chief was detained on Friday night at his home in Klang for allegedly posting a seditious tweet aimed at Tunku Azizah.

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