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Ms Plus America 2020: Plus size pageant is necessary because it allows us to showcase that women of equity matter

TEXAS, USA: Published Author Wendy Roach was crowned Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021 after she outshined many other international contestants from different countries at the Miss Plus World pageant finals held and streamed live from Texas, USA here Saturday night (Feb 6, 2021).

Wendy, who is also an international public speaker and regional director at a top 10 healthcare organization in the United States, represented her country as Ms. Plus Intercontinental America 2020/2021.

The Ms Plus Intercontinental America has also won the `Best Costume` award in the Ms. Division.

In the same Ms. Division, First and Second and Third places went to Dipelelo Hou (South Africa), Zeenat Khan Malik (Malaysia) and Tenelle Thomas (Atlantic Coast), respectively.

Wendy was completely elated when she was announced winner by the Reality TV Star JJ Smith who hosted the virtual gala alongside super Runway Model ChaKiva Latrell.

” I am feeling so blessed to be Miss Plus Intercontinental 2021 and part of such a wonderful pageant system.This year is going to be an amazing journey,” she told Malaysia World News in an online interview. 

When asked if it was easy to win, Wendy said, “when participating in any pageant, it is not easy to win. Many people don’t realize that there are months of preparation and hard work prior to the actual competition. You need to do the work to receive the reward. I prepared for Ms. Plus Intercontinental for many months with a pageant coach.”

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Besides looking gorgeous and elegant, Wendy also manifested a great deal of intelligence and confidence throughout the contest. She astonished the judges and the audience in the Q & A session when she was asked why are plus size pageants necessary? Her answer was:

“I think a plus size pageant is necessary because it allows us to showcase that women of equity matter and that we count. We are confident, we are creative, we are intelligent, and we are world changers.  Pageants should not be limited to just one specific size especially because our society represents different sizes. Diversity and inclusion in pageantry is necessary as we all have wonderful gifts to share with others and we are all beautiful.” 

Selecting the right platform and being ready to win, for her, is the secret key to winning any pageant.

“When I read the vision of the Miss Plus World pageant, I felt connected as it closely aligned with my personal values.Having that alignment is pivotal in being passionate about vying for a title. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to be Ms. Plus Intercontinental and that I was ready. I think my passion, careful planning and performance is what made me stand out against the amazing queens I was competing against. Also, that I have an international focus for appearances and recruiting the next Miss Plus World,” she added. 

But, what about the international title? How can it help the winner in her career or future endeavors?

For Wendy, It’s really not about her career personally, “but it`s about my legacy that I leave behind.”

“My goal is to educate woman to be great leaders regardless of background and diversity. I do that through my public speaking. By winning this title, I will be able to expand my reach further to more countries; more women that are creative leaders bringing peace and changing the world one person at a time. I may not be able to change the world but if I can help one person a day then I know that maybe I have changed their world.”

I’m so honored to be a part of Miss Plus World and the legacy of queens before me. We are women leaders that inspire and motivate others to gracefully and nobly help others,” the new Ms Plus Intercontinental Queen said.

The objectives of Miss Plus World are to increase interest in healthy lifestyle and public education on the importance of exercise, women empowerment, and generate a spirit of community involvement and volunteerism. – Malaysia World News


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