Priority to local workers and the demand from employers, says Minister V. Sivakumar

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Putrajaya: Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister, V. Sivakumar, stated that the management of foreign workers in the country is based on local workers and employer demand.

He said, the government has relaxed its conditions for hiring foreign workers to assist businesses in the challenging economic environment and post-Covid-19 effects.

“Businesses in critical need of workers to support their operations and recovery were made a priority,” Sivakumar said in a statement Sunday (Oct 22)

However, companies with approvals will have six months to fulfill all regulatory requirements.

“Although the conditions were relaxed, companies with approvals would have six months to fulfil all the regulatory requirements involved with regard to the hiring of foreign workers,” he added.

The relaxation measures were temporary and have been reviewed, and the government is taking steps to address the issues.

He added, the government will no longer approve new quotas and will focus on managing entry based on approved quotas to ensure the number of foreign workers in Malaysia does not exceed 2.4 million by 2025.


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