Price of rice is stable in Malaysia – MAFS


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PUTRAJAYA: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) has affirmed that currently the market price of rice in the country is stable following the sales price of 70 per cent of the local rice is controlled by the government.

The Ministry in a statement said its continuous monitoring at the retail and wholesale level nationwide is to ensure the supply of rice is always stable in the national market.

“MAFS would like to stress that the maximum control price of Local Super Special 5% (SST5) at the retail level is being controlled at the rate of RM2.60/kg as stipulated in the provision of Paddy and Rice Control Act 1994 (Act 522).

“The imported white rice price is not controlled by the government. Currently the price of the majority imported white rice at the retail level is RM32 and below for every bag weighing 10 kilogram.

“This is the normal market price for imported white rice grade and it depends on the demand of the imported rice,” said MAFC in a statement.

MAFS has elaborated on the prices of the rice in the market as a response to the statement made by the Managing Director of Pasar Raya Besar Mydin, Ameer Ali Mydin via online ‘Free Malaysia Today’, 23th June 2023 who alleged that there would be an increase in the price of rice between RM1-RM2 for 10kg. in July.

“MAFS has taken immediate action to ensure the market price of local rice in the country is always stable and controlled with the issuance of a directive letter dated 16th June 2023 relating to the fixed maximum sale price of local rice at the factory and wholesale levels.

“Through the letter, all Commercial Paddy Factory License and Wholesale Rice License are needed to follow the maximum controlled price that has been fixed effective 16th June 2023,” the statement said. –Malaysia World News

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