Position of Afghanistan ambassador to Malaysia to be discussed by Cabinet – Minister Saifuddin

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KUALA LUMPUR SEPT.7: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will discuss with the Cabinet Ministers on the position of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Malaysia, Dr. Moheb Rahman Spin Ghar following the change of government to the Taliban regime in Kabul recently.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said, at the moment the ambassador does not know his position whether his services will be extended or otherwise as there is no official government formed in Kabul as yet.

Saifuddin said, the government wants to have the right decision on this issue as the ambassador was sent here by the previous government and if he is asked to return then a decision has been made.

“We have two Malaysians working with the international humanitarian organisation in Kabul since a long time ago before the Taliban took over the government from the United States’ forces recently,” Saifuddin said in a virtual press conference held here today.

The minister said that after his first visit to the Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter -Terrorism (SEARCCT) here today.

Saifuddin added, to get more information on the situation in Afghanistan, he will call his counterpart, the Foreign Minister of Qatar this afternoon and the General Secretary of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to know what are their plans.

On the question of terrorists’ threats in Malaysia and the ASEAN region during the COVID-19 pandemic, Saifuddin said, the government has used the approach of cooperating with the civil societies, youth and religious groups and academicians to address the threats of radicalism that is very worrying.

He said, the Ministry has no figures on the terrorists’ attack in Malaysia as only the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters know about the exact situation.

“The Malaysian police have cooperation with their counterparts in Indonesia and Thailand while the SEARCCT cooperates with few organisations in researches, trainings and exchange of information in the region,” he reiterated.

Saifuddin also emphasized that the government is also monitoring on cyber-security pertaining the influence of terrorism via online.

Regarding his visit today, Saifuddin said, the government wants SEARCCT to be the leading reference point for counter terrorisms’ work besides conducting programmes related to counter terrorists with other organisations in the region.

“SEARCCT is also expected to cooperate with other highly research and training centres in Southeast Asia as terrorism is an on-going activity.

“People can easily get inspired and excited with the current situation example in Afghanistan and we believe in a peaceful co-existence approach and concept. This approach could be one of the efforts implemented by SEARCCT to make the Malaysians and the ASEAN people understand it in a positive perspective,” Saifuddin said. –Malaysia World News


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