Politicians should not destroy the nation – DPM Zahid

Zahid Hamidi- Photo: The Star Publication

KUALA LUMPUR:  “Politic is important but to be politically engaged in every second and all the time is not good for the country,” said Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Wednesday evening.

He said, for the interest of the religion and the country, differences in opinions and politics should be put aside.

“We can be fully engaged in politics during the 14th General Election. If we are truly loyal to the country and wish to see it prospers then translate the commitments instead of damaging it from inside or outside the country,” Ahmad Zahid said on “Bicara 4 Mata” programme hosted by Datuk Aznil Nawawi on TV1.

Ahmad Zahid said that on Aznil’s question as how he (Zahid) sees the country could progress further.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said, the country has witnessed a paradigm shift, not only affecting the minds but also the attitudes and the feelings of the Malaysians as a whole.

“Even though it is difficult to fulfil each and every Malaysian’s desires and aspirations but is enough if we could get the majority voice to realize Vision 2020 and become a developed nation in two years time.

“We are now preparing for the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) programme to prepare the country for the coming three decades,” he added.

Earlier Ahmad Zahid said, it is the government’s wish to see by 2050 all the employment sectors will be taken over by the locals. By that time the situation and the perceptions of the people towards employment will be different from today.

He mentioned that on the question of whether Malaysia is able to do without foreign workers and also on allegations that they have taken the employment opportunities from the locals.

He added, to take foreign workers are on employers’ requests to the government after they encountered several problems with local workers over the years.

On illegal workers, Ahmad Zahid said, the foreign workers came in with documents but when their working permits expired the employers’ still retain them as they have been trained for the jobs. –Malaysia World News       




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