Police did not confirm Mossad was involved in the kidnapping of Palestinian man

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KUALA LUMPUR: The police have today said they could not confirm Mossad, an Israeli foreign intelligence agency, was involved in the kidnapping of a Palestinian man.

The Kuala Lumpur police chief, Comm Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim said the investigations into the matter were still ongoing and asked where the information about Mossad came from.

“Speculation on the matter could jeopardise our investigation.

“I do not know where the newspaper got the information that Mossad was involved,” he told reporters at an event yesterday.

A daily newspaper, and also Aljazeera channel, claimed Mossad was behind the kidnapping of an IT expert man from Palestine.

Azmi Abu Kassim said the daily’s group editor had been called up by police to assist the investigations.

“We hope our investigation is not jeopardised by anyone. It involves various sensitive matters, thus aspects of it cannot be divulged.”

“Eleven individuals were charged at a Magistrate’s Court here on Oct 14 in connection with the kidnapping of a Palestinian man.

“The motive behind the kidnapping was to obtain information on a software for phone hacking,” the Star quoted him as saying.

The daily claimed Mossad agents engaged Malaysians to track down and abduct two Palestinians, who are believed to be members of Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigade.

Aljazeera also claimed that the suspects are related to the Mossad group.


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