Police detained Israeli man with six guns and 200 bullets

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KUALA LUMPUR: The police have detained an Israeli man,36, suspected to be a spy and in possession of six guns and 200 bullets at a hotel in Ampang.

Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Razarudin Husain said the man entered Malaysia via KLIA on 12th March 2024 using what is believed to be a fake French passport.

Razarudin said, the suspect when investigated had given another passport that was an Israeli passport.

“The suspect claimed that he came to Malaysia to find another Israeli to be killed following a family issue.

“We do not fully believe the suspect’s “story” as there could be another agenda,” he said adding police were not ruling out the possibility that the man could be a spy.
Razarudin in a press conference held in Masjid Al Amin here said the suspect had already stayed in two to three hotels before the last one in Ampang.

According to Razarudin, currently the police are on high alert about the public’s safety and the country’s leaders including the King of Malaysia, Sultan Ibrahim and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who have been vocal on the plight of Palestinians.

Regarding the weapons seized from the suspect, Razarudin said the suspect ordered the weapons upon arriving in KL and paid for them using cryptocurrency.

He added, the police were investigating on how the weapons entered Malaysia and to whom the payment was made. The weapons found included Glocks and Smith and Wessons handguns.

Razarudin said that it was impossible to bring the weapons on the flight as he flew from United Arab Emirates to Malaysia.
“We believe he is not alone in the country but he has contacts here. The police are now identifying the suspect’s contacts in Malaysia,” Razarudin said.

The Israeli man is being investigated under Section 12 of the Passports Act for contravening the conditions of a passport and Section 7 of the Firearms for unauthorised possession of firearms.

Razarudin added the suspect was detained on 27th and remanded from 28th until 31st March 2024 and if the investigation could not be completed then the remand will be extended. –Malaysia World News

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