PM should not appoint JAC members – Tuanku Muhriz

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KUALA LUMPUR: To ensure the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is free to implement its responsibilities, His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir proposed that the five members of JAC are not appointed by the Prime Minister.

Tuanku Muhriz said, the role should be given to various institutions such as the Malaysian Bar Council, The Law Association of Sabah, The Lawyers’ Association of Sarawak and the Parliamentary Select Committee.

“With this system, the memberships of JAC will be more balanced and will not carry the interest of any party,” Tuanku Muhriz said in his speech as the Chairman at the 260th Malay Rulers’ Conference (Meeting) held at Istana Negara on Wednesday (30 Nov.2022).

Tuanku Muhriz added, the JAC structure should be re-evaluated with discussions made between the government, existing JAC members and lawyer bodies, institutions or other relevant stakeholders.

Earlier Tuanku Muhriz mentioned that JAC has nine members. Four JAC members are senior judges while the other five members are individuals appointed by the Prime Minister.

He added, with regards to the Judiciary Body, the Rulers’ Conference is responsible to appoint the judges in Malaysia.

“I see that the current process of judges’ appointments in Malaysia has weaknesses and could be improved. The JAC should play the main role to propose the appointment of judges. Therefore, the JAC membership is critical to ensure that it continues to be able to propose names of judges with calibre and integrity,” he said.

Tuanku Muhriz urges the new government to instil the spirit of togetherness among the people from various religion, race and culture and hopes that no leaders will raise racial issues or religion with the aim to incite the society.

“I also urge the new government to make use of the opportunities in the best possible ways to bring the country to a higher level,” Tuanku Muhriz reiterated.

Tuanku Muhriz also proposed that the pledge of “Rukun Negara” should continue to be implemented from time to time in suitable functions. The pledge of “Rukun Negara” should be led by the leader that is appointed and not among the youth who has a loud voice.

“This will prove that the government is serious to make “Rukun Negara” as a basis and guideline for the “rakyat” of Malaysia,” he said. –Malaysia World News

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