PM Najib: Were Dr. Mahathir`s old accusations of Anwar Ibrahim all wrong?

Najib Razak Hishamuddin and Zaid selfie with the people at eidi lfitri open house
PM Najib taking selfie with the guests at  Umno Aidilfitri open house at the Putra World Trade Centre today.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak has questioned today whether Dr. Mahathir still stands by his old statement made in a media conference held on Sept 22, 1998 in which he accused Anwar of committing immoral acts (sodomy).

There are many questions in the minds of the people that Dr.Mahathir has to clarify, Najib said.

 “First, does Dr Mahathir stand by his old statement made in 1998 when he accused Anwar of committing unnatural acts and that he was an immoral leader who could not lead the country ? ”

“Were these accusations wrong?

“Or, is Dr Mahathir willing to give up his principles for the sake of politics?” Najib asked while talking to reporters at the 2017 Umno Aidilfitri open house at the Putra World Trade Centre today.

In a statement made in Sept 22, 1998, Mahathir, who was then prime minister, claimed that Anwar had committed sodomy and that he was not fit to lead the country.

As long as Mahathir did not answer these questions, the people would never trust him. People would say it was all a dirty political game, Najib said.

The prime minister also boasted that many efforts had been and are being made to take the country to a higher level, though some people are unhappy with UMNO.

He also pointed that Umno is better than the opposition party which has an unclear,vague political direction.- Malaysia World News.

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