PM Najib: The success of Felda is our strength

Felda 2.0 initiative Datuk Seri Nazir Razak
Najib Razak at the launch of Felda 2.0 initiative . Pic by NSTP

BENTONG: The Felda 2.0 Initiative which was launched in Felda Lurah Bilut was aimed at building a smart and sustainable Felda community.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, for such community to develop within 317 Felda Schemes situated all over the country, the government is granting a financial provision of RM50 million.

“The “fruits” from the modern development that will take place within Felda Schemes will be returned to the settlers”, he said in his speech at the launch of Felda 2.0 Initiative on Sunday.

He added, it is appropriate that the Felda 2.0 Initiative is launched in Felda Lurah Bilut as the Felda 1.0 started in Lurah Bilut about 60 years ago.

The Prime Minister reminded the Felda settlers not to forget or abandon the “pioneering spirit” from the first generation (grandparents) until today.

“Maybe today they are not settlers but involved in the e-commerce as entrepreneurs or as professionals after attaining a good education. Precisely we can deduce that the spirit of Felda settlers is still “burning” in the hearts of their children and in today’s generation,” he said.

Najib said: “The success of Felda is our strength. If Felda 1.0 is successful then Felda 2.0 will continue to be more successful and will become the “legacy fort”. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to ensure the “dreams of Tun Razak” (second Prime Minister and founder of Felda programmes) will be realized.”

He also cited that the sovereignty of a nation does not only rely on its strong defence but also on its development policies.

–Malaysia World News

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