PM Najib: The Chinese community has continuously received aids from the government

PM Najib. Pic NR
PM Najib. [Pic NR]
KUALA LUMPUR:  Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hoped that the Chinese New Year (CNY) that was celebrated recently would prosper the Chinese community in line with the growth of the country.

He said the CNY celebration has brought us back to the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial country and each race or nationality has played their part in developing the country.

“In this context, the Chinese community has not only played important roles in developing the economy and business sectors but they have also contributed to the struggle to achieve Malaysia’s independence.   

“I am sure everybody remembers the heroes of independence like Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun H.S Lee or Yap Ah Loy who had helped to build and develop Kuala Lumpur,” Najib said in his blog

He added the Chinese community has continuously received aids from the government in relation to the National Type Chinese Schools – an issue that is very close to the hearts of the community.

Najib emphasized, in 2017 he announced that 10 Chinese schools will be build besides the annual provision of RM50 million to improvise or upgrade Chinese schools.

“In the 2018 Budget, Small and Medium Industries (SMI) have been given access to the provision of RM50 million through KOJADI, besides RM30 million provisions for 1Malaysia Micro Entrepreneurs where Chinese small traders can apply for loans,” Najib added.    

The Prime Minister also said the future of the “Kampung Baharu Cina” settlers will not be deprived as RM75 million has been allocated for the development of facilities like community halls and playgrounds. Old houses will be repaired and rebuilt through this development programme.

Before formulating policies to fulfill the needs of the Chinese community, Najib said, the government has engaged itself with groups and associations like Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia and Hua Zong in meetings and discussions.

Unlike in some states, he added, the voices of the Chinese associations are being evaded and this indirectly has caused community members not happy and unsatisfied with the government.

Najib added: “On the whole, I believe the needs of the Chinese community in Malaysia will continuously be taken care by Barisan Nasional (BN) government to ensure that their livelihoods are at par with the prosperity of the country.”-@Malaysia World News 

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