PM Najib: Malaysia is not administered by the law of the jungle

datoseri najib tun abdul razak2
Prime Minister dato’seri najib tun abdul razak. Pic

KUALA LUMPUR – Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak denied allegations that government agencies in Malaysia had been implementing law of the jungle in its administration and operations.

Instead, Najib thanked the government agencies for carrying out their duties very well and efficiently.

“Malaysia is not administered by the law of the jungle but by the Federal Constitution which is highly respected,’’ he said in his speech at the Hari Raya Celebration with agencies of the Prime Minister’s Department at the National Civics Bureau Academy or Biro Tatanegara (BTN) recently.

He said, with the Federal Constitution, Police Authority and the BTN that instills patriotism among Malaysian citizens, we are able to celebrate Hari Raya peacefully today.

According to Najib, BTN has been implementing its objectives very well besides instilling patriotism and loyalty values amongst Malaysian citizens.

Najib said, BTN has successfully implemented its objectives including helping Barisan Nasional to win the general elections.

“BTN is still relevant and as such it has to carry on functioning to ensure the agendas for the race, religion and the nation could be continued by the national leadership,” he said.

BTN is a national training institution that conducts nation building programmes to instill loyalty and discipline among high school students and civil servants.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that today’s generation or popularly known as millennials are fortunate, more educated and have luxurious lifestyles as a result of the government’s hard work.

The millennials today, he said, need not have to fight against the colonial power and face political upheavals to fight for independence. – Malaysia World News

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