PM Mahathir: People are now no longer afraid to report any activities of corruption

D Mahathir at the International Anti Corruption Academy in Laxenburg January 21 2019

LAXENBURG, Jan 22 — Malaysians today have no fear to highlight cases of graft at all levels, the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said during his lecture entitled “Fighting Corruption in Malaysia: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives” at the International Anti-Corruption Academy here yesterday.


“The people are now no longer afraid to report any activities of corruption because we are giving them protection, including under the Whistleblowers Act,” he was quoted as saying.

Dr Mahathir reiterated that it is impossible to completely eradicate corruption as long as people (the rakyat) stand against corruption.

“Laws alone are not enough. In some countries there is total corruption — from top to bottom.

“In some countries it is minimal. These countries have a culture that is against graft — the people are against corruption.

“But this attitude has to be cultivated from when a person is very young,” he added.

As from the government part in battling corruption, Dr Mahathir said,  all Malaysian ministers, including the Prime Minister, have to declare their assets to the MACC.

The new government of Malaysia has also limited a prime minister to two terms in office, no more than 10 years, he said.


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