PM Mahathir: Malays should work hard to be at par with other races achievements


PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad expresses his regrets for the Malays not wanting to work hard and change for the better as they have lagged behind in the economic sector.
He said, the irony is that the Malays are willing to share the country with others but are left behind in many sectors just because of their attitudes.
“There is not much time for me to see the Malays changing their attitudes into becoming a more successful race in their own country,” he said.
Dr. Mahathir said that in his speech at the Bersatu Chairman Meeting the Armada representatives in conjunction with the Second Annual General Meeting of Bersatu held in Putrajaya International Convention Centre,(PICC) here today (Dec.29).
For such changes to take place within the Malays, Mahathir as the Chairman of Bersatu hopes the Angkatan Anak Muda Besatu (Armada) to immediately implement the desired changes in order to meet the struggle and the goals of the party and the country.
“Armada should prove that they could change from being less able to a very able and successful people. As for the aged (old) they cannot be shaped any more as they have vast experiences, smarter and cannot be easily corrected.
“It is my hope as a senior leader to see the positive changes being made immediately as there is not much time left,” Dr. Mahathir said.
He also reminded the Youth Wing of Bersatu (Armada) not to repeat the mistakes made by a Malay political party that had lost their power after 60 years leading the government. The failure was due to the attitude of the leaders and not because of the struggle of the party.
The Prime Minister reiterated, the leaders did not help the Malays to be at par with other races achievements but instead took the opportunities to enrich themselves and for that the people rejected them completely.
In relation to the issue, the Prime Minister told Bernama that the government had introduced many policies and provided support to the Malays through affirmative action that gave opportunities and support to them but they are the same Malays who have failed.
“That’s because you don’t change the character of the person. I don’t like to say this about my own race but I have to say it. I have to tell them that you are wrong.
“Affirmative action is about support but the changing of character is something that we have to concentrate on. We have realised that affirmative action alone cannot make a success of the Malays,” Dr. Mahathir added.
He also stressed that it is important for the Malays to change the value system that they have been holding on and practising which are not suitable for success.
Dr. Mahathir also mentioned that the Malays besides knowing enough about their religion (Islam) must also learn other subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Geography and History and stressed that the teachings of Mathematics and Science should be in English. – Malaysia World News.

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