PM Ismail urges Malaysian Family to brighten up the National Day Celebration with Malaysian flags


PUTRAJAYA: More than 15,000 Malaysian Family have participated the “Walk Strongly Together” with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob in conjunction with the Launching of the National Month and Wave the Flag 2022 held at Dataran Putrajaya Presinct 3 today.

Prime Minister Ismail thanked the big multi-racial Malaysian Family who had walked together with him as far as 2.7 kilometres this morning.

Ismail said, the theme of the National Day and Malaysia Day this year is “Malaysian Family is Strong Together” is very apt with the objective and concept of harmony in a big family based on inclusiveness, togetherness and gratitude.

“Strong together refers to the strength and collective unity of the Malaysian Family in facing various challenges with the family’s spirit.

The spirit of Strong Together with Malaysian Family should be fuelled and embraced by all levels of the society in the efforts to prosper the peoples’ lives when we are encountering the global economic challenges.”

The Prime Minister said that in his speech when launching the National Month and Wave the Malaysian Flag 2022 at Dataran Putajaya here this morning.

Ismail emphasized that he is confident when the people do it together nobody is able to disturb the strength of the Malaysian Family and this is like the saying, “a handful of coconut sticks is difficult to break compared to a single stick.”

Many programmes have been arranged including the National Day Celebration at Dataran Merdeka on 31st August and Malaysia Day Celebration in Melaka on 16th September 2022.

“Throughout the National Month we will see the Malaysian Family put up the Malaysian flags everywhere such as in housing areas, residents, offices, schools and others.

“I am very happy to see such scenario because it will raise a person’s patriotism spirit to continue the struggle in maintaining the freedom that we have enjoyed since 31st August 1957.

“I urge all the Malaysian Family brightens the National Day Celebration by decorating the premises with Malaysian flags to reflect the love for the country,” Ismail said. – Malaysia World News



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