PM Ismail suggests establishing a Malaysian Journalism Research Centre in Melaka

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MELAKA MAY 29: Malaysian journalists should be united and play their roles in disseminating the correct and authentic information as a way to counter the widespread of fake news.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, to elevate journalism as a respected and noble profession the upcoming journalists should acquire adequate training in building up their expertise, responsibility and integrity.

“Trained journalists will acquire integrity, upholding the ethics and objective in producing their reports for the society. This is why I see that it is important for a journalist to uphold the journalism ethics because as an influential group, journalists should have professional ethics as a procedure and guideline while performing their duties with discipline and responsibility.

“It is timely that the local journalists should be united under one association specifically representing print media, electronic media and internet media in Malaysia to ensure the journalism ethics is protected, journalism profession is empowered and the welfare of journalists are guaranteed,” Ismail said in his speech celebrating National Press Day 2022 (HAWANA) in a prestige hotel here today.

Ismail added, Malaysian Journalists Association could be the name of the body that will unite all the media practitioners in the country.

The Prime Minister also emphasized that to support the standard and elevate the level of professionalism; he suggests an initiative towards establishing a Malaysian Journalism Research Centre should be made.

“This research centre could collect the reference data involving all kinds of researches that have been done towards strengthening the journalism discipline in Malaysia.

“It could also involve interaction with several other community sectors crossing different cultural context. I hope the centre will benefit the academicians and researchers doing historical researches and the journalism journey in Malaysia and the Nusantara,” Ismail said.

For that the Prime Minister would prefer the Malaysian Journalism Research Centre be built in Melaka after considering where journalism history and its growth had started.

“An allocation of RM1 million will be given to ISWAMI to enable them to carry out their activities in strengthening the Malaysia-Indonesia media relationships and other neighbouring countries that have been long established.

“With the allocation, ISWAMI could plan media cooperation programme such as journalists exchange, seminar, forum, workshop and webinar that could increase the knowledge of media practioners besides becoming a bridge in tackling issues of common interest,” Ismail said.

The Prime Minister welcomes the “Melaka Declaration” and hopes all journalists could uphold the principles and responsibilities that are related to the journalism ethics and professionalism.

“I accept that the profession of journalist should remain free and functioning without any disturbances and interventions from other parties to guarantee freedom of speech in this country.

“The government has never stopped the media from publishing any news report which sometimes become the guideline to the authorities to make follow up actions such as channelling aids for the happiness of the Malaysian Family,” Ismail reiterated.

Ismail added, the government has always been listening and concern on reports that have been raised by the media. All ministries and government agencies have been cooperating and helping the media in channelling balanced information, accurate, authentic and satisfying the Malaysian Family.

“I guarantee that there is nothing for the government to hide in channelling information for the interest of Malaysian Family and the national development,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News

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