PM Ismail Sabri introduces “Malaysian Family” concept to bind people together

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PUTRAJAYA AUG.22: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has introduced the concept of “Malaysian Family” as he believes that the values inculcated in a family will bind people together regardless of race, religion and culture.

Ismail said, the family is made up of the young and old and they complement each other and it is similar to the parts in the body that are inter-dependent to complete its function.

“In this difficult time, many people have lost their jobs and also lack of food supplies. Coming from a poor farmer family, I fully understand how it is like to be in that situation,” Ismail said in his first speech as the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia via live telecast on TV1 here today.

Ismail then stressed on the political crisis that had caused the people’s unrest and as such a space in cross-political parties should be provided in the new government.

“To ensure political stability in the country the new government is inviting the Opposition parties to join the National Recovery Plan Council and the COVID-19 Special Committee to help return the current difficult situations back to normal.

“I pledge to give the best to prove on the people’s trust in me and my team and ensure that they will not be deceived,” he reiterated.

He emphasized that the continuity of the economy will be returned to the private sectors as the prime drivers of the national economic growth. Secondly to enable the people and the small and medium size industries to garner income and to ensure all the people regardless of race and religion is not being left out.

Ismail added, the COVID-19 situation is becoming more critical where the variants are consistently in an evolution with lambda has emerged as the latest variant.

The ninth Prime Minister stressed that the new government will ensure that all the strategic efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic will be continued apart from empowering and improving the public health system and services by engaging public health experts.

“The new government will implement strategic cross-government cooperation where government agencies and private sectors together will help return the public health systems to normalcy.

“As Malaysia’s vaccination rate is one of the fastest in the world with 500,000 per day, the government will continue its target to reach the herd immunity and will ensure the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) will be intensified,” he added.

He said, to speed up the NIP, the government has bought six million vaccine doses that will arrive in early September 2021 in conjunction with the Independence Day celebration.

The Prime Minister who is also Member of Parliament (MP) for Bera also highlighted that the new government will focus its attention by listening to the voices of the young generation and to make them involve in the government’s programme.

Ismail said, the political landscape in Malaysia after 21 months before the coming 15th General Election has incurred much losses to the people and the country.

“All parties including the people and the civil servants should work as a team and hold on to the cooperation and togetherness principle while putting aside differences for the sake of prosperity,” he said. –Malaysia World News


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