PM Ismail proposes to build race circuit for motor sports in every state


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GONG BADAK, TERENGGANU: The government will propose that every state has at least one drag race circuit and this will be included in Budget 2023 and presented in October 2022.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Yaakob said, currently there are two drag race circuits namely in Terengganu and Melaka. When the circuits have been built the chances for the youths to be involved in motor sports following the right channel will be more serious.

“I urge the youths to participate in MyFit@Motorsports 2022 organised by the Ministry of Youths and Sports, a motoring development programme at the grass root level that involves the development of motorcycle and car sports.

“Under this programme participants will have the opportunity to get education via training, course and clinic that will explore the national motoring athletes’ talents in various stages via their participations in championships and competitions at the state and national levels,” he said in his speech at the RXZ Members 4.0 Gathering 2022 here on Saturday.

Ismail said the organisation of this programme is much appreciated as it promotes the youths’ interest in motoring field. It has also given a positive impact and indirectly reduces the negative perception on riders that have often been associated with illegal motor racing.

The Prime Minister added, this programme will also help to activate the national economy by moving the tourism sector besides instilling relationship among the club members from various backgrounds.

“I congratulate the organizer of the Kelab RXZ Members Official Malaysia for successfully gathering thousands of RXZ motorcycle owners from the country with the last event held in 2019.

“I am also amazed to see the support and the outstanding participation of the youths in the Terengganu International DragStrip today. They are willing to go through the rain and ride the “retro machine” whether individually or in a convoy,” Ismail said.

According to Ismail, Kelab RXZ Members was mooted by six youths from Kuala Terengganu in 1916.
“I am very proud of the interest shown as they had succeeded in moving the club and organizing activities even though at the preliminary level they did not receive any sponsorship from any party,” Ismail said. – Malaysia World News


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