PM Anwar urges big power nations not to dominate the global voices


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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia under the Unity Government will protect the sovereignty, rights and the nation’s interests towards the Exclusive Economic Zone in South China Sea.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said, the government’s spirit to protect Malaysia’s interests at the international arena never fades, even though encountering with various kind of challenges.

“The big powers especially the West, need to realize that the West World Order cannot dominate the global voice when there are countries and other regions having their own voices to express their interests and rights.

“The tolerance values, understandings and co-operations are vital in facing the multiple global challenges,” Anwar said at the 36th Asia-Pacific Round Table Conference that was attended by international leaders and intellectuals as posted in his Facebook, Friday.

The three day event that started on Tuesday with the theme ‘An Age of Strategic Uncertainty’ had discussed various issues on geopolitics, safety, economy and socio-cultural issues.

Anwar also stressed that Malaysia is consistently supporting peaceful and constructive resolutions in all kinds of disputes in line with the international norms and legal principles that are recognised including the United Nations Convention 1982 on maritime laws.

“In the South China Sea, we could see the elements of competition from the big powers being permeated in conflicting territories on purpose or otherwise,” Anwar said as reported by Sinar Harian.

The prime minister added, he had raised the point that ASEAN is not only the “pawn” to geopolitical plans between United States of America and China.

However, Anwar highlighted that ASEAN where Malaysia is one of its members in the geographical and economic union; still has space to grow, and the capabilities to compete in the global economy. –Malaysia World News

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