PM Anwar flew to Kazakhstan for two days official visit

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After the “national affairs” in Kyrgyzstan had been completed on Thursday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his delegation flew to Kazakhstan in Central Asia for two days official visit.

The Prime Minister in his Facebook post today said, he was received by his counterpart Olzhas Bektenov as soon as he and his delegation reached Astana –the administration and Kazakhstan’s government centre,Thursday afternoon.

“As soon as the parade of honour was passed, we went to the Astana Grand Central Mosque – the largest in Central Asia and among the 10 world’s biggest mosque and was built two years ago,” Anwar said.

According to the prime minister, they have been received by Zhenis Kassymbek, the Mayor of Astana and Sahibus Samahah Nauryzbai Taganuly Optenov, “Grand Mufti” of the Grand Mosque of Astana cum Spiritual Administration Chairman of Muslims of Kazakhstan (MUFTYAT).

“The beauty and the uniqueness of the mosque are beyond comparison and I am amazed and fortunate to be given the honour to see the grand mosque closely. –Malaysia World News

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