Plus World Malaysia stands tall for all Malaysian plus size women

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Participants look great and happy!

Plus World Malaysia (PWMI) is proud to stand tall for all the plus size girls in Malaysia regardless race, color  and religion, the organizer told critics.

“We don’t want the Muslim girls to be disqualified or to feel uncomfortable. We can change the name of our pageant -no problem, but not disqualifying any contestant.

“PWMI, which is part of the international contest Miss Plus World (MPW), is a humanitarian driven organisation that represents the voice of all plus size ladies including the Malay Muslim ladies. Thus we cannot simply eliminate Muslim women from our programs,” the organizer of MPWM tells the islamic party leaders and critics who attempt to stop its gala only because it has Muslim participants.

“We learnt that the Islamic fatwa prohibits Muslim ladies entering beauty pageant as it  considers it as “haram” or a sin. However, the Islamic party must look at the content and concept of our pageant  instead of looking at its title only. This pageant does not have bikini show, nor does it select its participants based on their physical look only.

” We select our participants and queens based on their intelligence, commitment, lovely good attitudes, willingness to serve their  communities and do humanitarian work, besides the pleasant, beautiful look, nor do we request our hijabi queens to take of their headscarf,” the organizer said.

MPWM is a platform for queens with causes, empowering women, promoting body positivity, sisterhood, and healthy lifestyle. It is set to celebrate, promote and elevate plus size ladies beauty, intelligence and confidence.

Thousands of full figures ladies are suffering bully, body shaming and discrimination here. Some of them cannot have a family or a proper job, some got divorced and bullied only because of their body size.

” It looks like men here are so prejudice against big size ladies – due to lack of awareness and education of how to live and accept each other as we are and accept our skin as it is.

” Many of them feel like neglected or unwanted citizens, or less fortunate human being.

” Even in entertainment industry,  modelling or acting, they are not given a chance like those slimy sexy girls.

We also have miss world and miss universe for slimy sexy girls only for decades. When it come to Miss Plus World it s a question mark! Why?

A society that evaluates its people only through materials is a third world society.

People have to be comfortable with the skin they are in. Our women must be given equal opportunities and instill in them confidence instead of body shaming them and neglecting them or rejecting them.

“We can just disqualify muslim women from joining our pageant and carry on with our programs with non muslims . But that s not our mission and vision. This will contradict our vision and mission that is ” empowering all women regardless race, color and religion. 

“PWMI represents the voice of all Malaysian plus size women. We do not want Muslim Malay girls be left behind or got disqualified and neglected. 

“For us it s a sin to not give equal opportunities to all, protect and defend and help all as we are all on same page,” the organizer , Ziinine A. Britshi told the media last night.

PWM contestants are from all races and their mission is promote sisterhood, love and peace among all. 

“We hope that Jakim and all Malaysian leader understand our content and mission and give us support to help plus size ladies and create a positive society. Empowering Women Prospering the Nation,” he added.-Malaysia World News


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