PH`s biggest achievement in its first year in power – it has cleaned up the government of corruption, says PM Dr M

dr mahathir

PUTRAJAYA: In its first year in power, the new government Pakatan Harapan has achieved its first, single objective which  is to clean up the government of corruption and bring back “the Malaysia that we knew,” says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“We have one single objective – to bring back the Malaysia that we knew.

“That, to me, is an achievement.

 “The first objective that we have achieved is to clean up the government. Today, people don’t complain so much (about the government officers who demand extra payment) and all that,” he said in his grand address on Pakatan’s first anniversary of taking over Putrajaya.

Dr Mahathir added that the previous government Barisan Nasional used to borrow money by the billions, punish people for not supporting them, and took away their jobs and all that.

“There was no rule of law before, where people could be detained under serious accusations. Now, any accusations go to the courts. We accept the separation of power of the judiciary and executive.”

“We have removed quite a lot of people who are part of this (corruption). We have evidence about them,” he was quoted as saying.


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