PH government plans to introduce “congestion charge” to replace toll payment

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Toll Malaysia : Pic by World of Buzz

PUTRAJAYA FEB 23: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government will introduce the congestion charge to replace the toll collection mechanism if it succeeded to take over the highway concessions from Gamuda Berhad that has majority shares.

The Prime Minister’s Department in a statement today said, the government has started its negotiations with Gamuda Berhad in the effort to eradicate the toll payments in stages according to the terms of concessions.

“The highways involved include Damansara Puchong Highway (LDP), SPRINT, Shah Alam Highway (KESAS) and SMART Tunnel.

“This initiative will help reduce the cost of living for road users,” said the statement adding that the eradication of toll collection is one of PH general election promises to the people.

The statement also said the road users will only have to pay the congestion charge that is the same amount as the existing toll during peak time for six hours per day.

“Toll payment will not be effective during “off peak” from 11pm until 5am and road users are free to use the highways,” said the statement.

Meanwhile road users will enjoy a 30 percent discount from the existing toll rates during normal time.

“The “congestion charge” collection will be used to pay the operation costs and maintenance of the highways and loan payments,” the statement reiterated.

The statement said, the balance from the collection will be channelled to the public transport fund and in turn be used to increase the quality of public transport services nationwide.

However the details of the congestion charge plan will be announced by the Ministry of Finance at a suitable time. – Malaysia World News

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