Perak prohibits the use of mosques and surau for political activities

Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah warns stern action will be taken against any political party or politician who attempts to hold political activities at any mosques and surau in the state.

A statement by the Palace said that the committee heads of some mosques and surau have been suspended for having recently allowed some political events to take place at the Al-Khairiah mosque in Kampung Banjar Hilir, Teluk Intan on May 21, another in Chemor on May 22, and the Al-Ittihad surau in Kampung Temiang, Ipoh on May 24.

“On May 25, 2019 His Royal Highness had instructed the state police chief, the director of the Perak Islamic Affairs and chief secretary of the Perak Islamic and Malay Customs Council to conduct an investigation into the complaints.

“After His Highness was briefed, he deemed it satisfactory that the complaints were indeed true… he concluded that this was an unhealthy development and has the potential to defile the holiness of the mosque and surau.

“In that session, His Highness had strongly stated his view as the state’s supreme religious leader, that no political programme can be held in or within the vicinity of mosques or surau.

“His Highness also warned against inviting political leaders to speak about religion at any of the religious events held by a mosque or surau without first receiving authorisation from the Perak Islamic and Malay Customs Council,” the statement said.

Mosques, surau or any houses of worship  should to be neutral spaces.

Sultan Nazrin said the political parties had used numerous excuses such as community service, welfare programme, knowledge event, completing the Quran, aid, but at the same time displaying their respective party logos in the buildings and compounds of mosques and surau.

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