Penang is under the ownership of Kedah, claims Sanusi

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ALOR SETAR: For claiming that Penang is under the ownership of Kedah, the Menteri Besar of Kedah, Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md. Nor is prepared to face Penang Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow in court.

As the Kedah Perikatan Nasional Chairman, Sanusi said, he had a lot of evidence to support his claims.

Sanusi also claimed that his oppositions were “afraid’ because they have nothing to defend against the ownership claims.

“I have a lot of evidence to back up my claims. We will see them in court and I am willing to go that far,” he said to reporters after launching the state level Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen Day 2023 here, Thursday.

As reported by NST, Sanusi had also welcomed police reports filed against him and said, let the police carry out their investigations.

According to media reports, on Monday Sanusi claimed that Penang was under the ownership of Kedah and Perak and Perlis were the only states that had a border with Kedah.

Sanusi stressed that he is waiting for confirmation of Survey and Mapping Malaysia and added that Penang belongs to Kedah.

Sanusi emphasized that there is no such thing as Kedah-Penang border.

He said, Kedah state border ends near the island Balik Pulau and asked how can Kedah-Penang border be measured?

“Which gazette should we use?” Sanusi asked.

Meanwhile, responding to Sanusi’s claims, Chow said that legal action will be taken against the Kedah Menteri Besar.

On another development, the Jelutong Member of Parliament RSN Rayer had lodged a report against Sanusi over claims that Kedah owns Penang.

RSN Rayer lodged the report at Jalan Patani police station at 8:30am Thursday. -Malaysia World News


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