PAS Youth: Miss Plus World Malaysia program must be in line with the Islamic ethics and culture of Malaysia

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PAS Youth, led by Ustaz Akram Ikrami (pic), Lajnah Dakwah DPPM have met with the organizers of Miss / Mrs Plus World Malaysia (MPWM) at Zenith Hotel Putrajaya to hear carefully from the organizers about the essence of this program.

Objectively, the organizers want to take the initiative to empower women’s institutions, especially plus size who are oppressed out there, DPPM  said.

At the meeting with the organizers, DPPM has listened carefully and took note of the purpose of organizing this program. DPPM narrated that PAS through Dewan Muslimat PAS also fights for the rights and special position of women as provided in Islam.

After listening to MPWM organizers` explanation and understanding the positive message of MPWM, DPPM conveyed some suggestions to the organizers so that the program does not deviate from its original goal.

DPPM suggested that, in order for MPWM organization to take this program to a high level and serve all Malaysians regardless race, religion and colour, especially Muslim Malay ladies, MPWM has to change its program name and the program promotion methods.

In the opinion of DPPM, the poster and the name of the program that has been published to the masses or the public does not represent the original goal of this program held and contrary to the ethics and culture of Malaysia with majority Muslims.

This program must be improved in terms of implementation and the organizers must refer to JAKIM and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development for further collaboration and guidance.

“Realizing the original purpose of the organizers in this program, we suggest that the organizers refer to Malaysia’s Islamic Welfare Department (Jakim) and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to ensure that this program is developed with Islamic values, adhere to Islamic ethics and in line with the government’s agenda in its efforts to empower women in Malaysia,” Ustaz Akram Ikrami said.

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The organizers of MPWM yesterday met JAKIM and also having discussion with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and “everything fine. There`s no further issue. We are seeing Jakim on Monday for the official endorsement of our program,” the organizer and National Director of MPWM, Ziinine A. Britshi said.

PAS also thanks the organizers of MPWM for the fruitful meeting and discussion and excited to give support to this program.

MPWM strives to promote and elevate Malaysian plus size ladies` beauty, intelligence, and confidence. This international platform is created with the sole vision of empowering women and prospering the nation via promoting body positivity, sisterhood, and creating awareness against body shaming and bullying, besides engaging women in humanitarian services and producing leaders, queens and ambassadors of peace and love across the nation and worldwide.

Respecting the PAS advice and Malaysia religion departments and rules, the organizer has already changed the program name from “Miss Plus World Malaysia” to “Malaysia Plus World Icon”.

Ziinine said the most important is the content and the message of our program, not the name.

“However, to avoid confusion and further misunderstanding, we have changed our program name.

“The main objectives of our gala that is going to be held on January 2, 2021 at Zenith Hotel Putrajaya, is to select and crown the most presentable, intelligent and well mannered lady to be the ambassador of peace and love and serve plus size community and the nation,” he added.

PAS youth advised the organizer to change the name of the program because 10 contestants who are going to the final are Muslims. The gala can go on without changing the name of the program provided the Muslim participants should be disqualified and eliminated from the contest.

The organizer decided to change the name of the program rather than disqualifying its Muslim finalists, saying that it would be unfair to disqualify Muslim plus size ladies and ignore them; MPWM is fighting for all plus size ladies regardless race, age, color or religion. Muslim ladies have to benefit and enjoy our programs too, the organizer said.


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