PAS to unite the ummah, Muslims and non-Muslims, says its president Hadi

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Hadi at Umno general assembly recently.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today said that his party is bringing the agenda to unite the ummah, Muslims and non-Muslims.

He said disunity among Muslims is a problem in the country.

“I was asked questions about the current political situation that is happening in our country. My answer is:

“The problem we have today is the disunity among Muslims. And thus, PAS is bringing the agenda to unite the ummah. Ummah here means all Muslims and non-Muslims who are not extreme. This is our unity agenda,” Hadi wrote in a statement posted on Facebook today.

He also advises some politicians ot to be the cause of split.

“Do not play rough with friends. Instead, we must build relationships and unity among ourselves.

“Do not be the cause of a split. Be patient and become a peacemaker,” Hadi said, without mentioning whom he addresses his message to.

The Marang MP ‘ advice came after Umno leaders decided that the party would not continue cooperating with Bersatu.

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