PAS meets the organizers of Miss Plus World Malaysia, requests to change the name of the pageant

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KUALA LUMPUR DEC.22: The Dewan Pemuda Pas Malaysia (PasYouth) has met the organizer of Miss Plus World Malaysia (MPWM) today requesting the name of the pageant to be changed.

The Pas Youth said, the name MPWM is contradicting to the fatwa that has been recorded in the Federal Territory Administration 1993 Section 34.

According to the Pas Youth, the fatwa says that any activity relating to beauty pageant is banned.

“Our meeting with the organizer of MPWM is to get the clear picture of what are the contents and how the event will be carried out. We have been informed that the programme is to elevate the status of the women who have been ill-treated and discriminated due to the size of their bodies.

“PAS treats all women the same regardless of race, religion and gender and always help those who have been ill-treated,” said Pas Youth representative, Ustaz Akram in Putrajaya here today.

Ustaz Akram said, Pas Youth has suggested the organizer to immediately refer to the authorities namely the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) as some of the contestants are Muslims.

Referring to the change of the pageant’s name, Ustaz Akram said the Pas Youth has suggested the organizer to refer to the experts for the new name.

The PAS Youth meeting with MPWM was held today following a statement issued by Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah (Yadim) last Saturday requesting the event to be cancelled and claiming it is “hedonistic” and allegedly exploiting women.

Yadim in the statement also said that a memorandum of protest will be handed to the organizer and the authorities related on Monday (21 Dec.).

The PAS women’s wing also announced it is against the pageant saying the event is contrary to the moral values of Islam and Malaysia.

The organizer of MPWM has responded to critics saying that their main objectives were to create awareness and women empowerment.

The organizer also stressed that MPWM disregard trivial pageant activities like requiring participants to wear swimming suits but instead it focuses on celebrating, promoting and elevating plus-size women’s beauty, intelligence and confidence.

The organizer also said that MPWM do not want to disqualify the Muslim contestants from its pageant as the platform gives opportunities for all races through its humanitarian and sisterhood programs.

“We will respect the rules and law of Malaysia and collaborate with the Islamic party PAS. 

“We will not disqualify our Muslim contestants or make them feel uncomfortable. They are already part of our international system and programs.

“Therefore we will change the name of our pageant as advised by the PAS and carry on with our gala and program.

“However, the winners of the title will still be allowed to participate and compete at the international pageant Miss Plus World that we belong to,” the organizer Ziinine A.S Britshi told MWN.

He added that MPWM had suggested to the PAS to change its name to ” Malaysia Plus World Icon” and they will be meeting the ministry today for further discussion.

–Malaysia World News

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