Parliament approves Egypt President Sisi stay in power until 2034

Sisi came to power following a military coup in 2013 AFP
Sisi came to power following a military coup in 2013 (AFP)

Egypt’s parliament on Thursday approved a proposal to place President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in power until 2034.

485 MPs out of 596 voted in favour of the amendments that would allow Sisi two more presidential terms, extended to six years each from four, the Middle East Eye reported.

The proposal has now been submitted to the legal committee in parliament to ratify it, according to Parliament Speaker Ali Abdelal.

Opposition MP Ahmed Tantawy Tantawy on Wednesday condemned this proposed amendment, saying it will set Egypt on a backward path to “the medieval ages”.

“What we are doing in parliament is constitutionally invalid.

“This parliament has no right to amend articles related to presidential elections, or rights and freedoms. Nor does it have a right to create a new article that violates all legislative norms, tailored specifically for one person, except that it did not name hi,”,” he said in a speech that was shared widely by Egyptians on social media.

Many other opposition members and critics say that these amendments in the constitution were drafted specifically to enable President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, 64, to retain power for life.

Sisi won a second term in April last year, and this current term is supposed to end in 2022.

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