Paradox: Dr M vows to hand over power to Anwar, but not mentioning “when”

dr mahathir and anwar ibrahim

These days most of the talks and big questions in Malaysia revolve around the personality of Dr. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, “is Dr. Mahtahir really stepping down and handing the premiership to Anwar Ibrahim? If so, when?

The eighth prime minister, Dr. Mahathir signed an agreement in January 2018 with PKR and DAP leaders to hand power to Anwar after 2 years if Pakatan Harapan won the May 9 elections 2018.

Mahathir repeatedly pledges to will keep his promise, but two years have already passed and he is still on. He did not even disclose the time he will step down and give way to Anwar to become Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Last week when grilled by the media, Dr. Mahathir said Anwar is his only successor (not Economy Minister Azmin Ali), but he added he would hand power to him before the coming general election. Which again put a big question mark.

PKR President, Anwar Ibrahim, who has the largest number of seats in parliament, believes that 2020 is the year he will take over power from Mahathir based on the prior agreement of the elections. His strong ally, The Democratic Action Party (DAP) which has a total of more than ninety seats in parliament also fully supports him to become the next Prime Minister.

Many opposition leaders from the Islamic party Pas and UMNO, and even some politicians from the ruling party itself support the continuation of Mahathir in power until the end of the current government of which five years (until 2023).

But many people within PKR and their supporters are asking him to abide by the agreed entitlement and the transfer of power to Anwar Ibrahim.

The paradox lies here: Why has Dr. Mahathir not yet set a date for his handover despite his commitment to the agreement?

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