Ousted PH leaders should blame only themselves

anwar and dr mahathir

It was Pakatan Harapan big mistake to nominate Dr M as their candidate for the PM. Here is why :

First, Dr M was a caretaker prime minister.  He has already resigned and the king appointed him as interim PM until a new prime minister is found and a new cabinet is formed. Thus,  he was expected to just help the King to find the right candidate who has majority support to be the next PM. 

But,  in a twist,  the 95 year-old interim PM wanted to become PM again for the third time and he offered himself as the candidate for the PM post claiming that he had the number. 

The king has the absolute power and right to appoint a new PM if current PM resigned according to the constitution. The resigned PM should have  just advised the king on which candidate is suitable for the PM post.  But Dr M offered himself to be the PM again instead of recommending someone else.  

Second mistake PH made is when Anwar withdrew his bid for the next PM.  This showed that he did not have majority support and he resorted to Dr M , giving his voice, in hope Dr M can bring more PMs support to PH. By doing that the King knew that Anwar failed to get support or command majority, while the chances for the interim PM was tiny to impress the King. 

Finally,  the king has chosen Muhhyifdin Yassin because this later was first indirectly recommended by the interim prime minister before this later made u-turn. Secondly,  Muhhyiddin got support from many MPs,  not mentioning his big experience in politics. 

Not forgetting that the opposition MPs have their own followers and supporters too. They are there because many people voted for them too during GE 14. PH can not say “ohh, people gave mandate only to us. ”

Therefore, analyst said the defeated PH leaders have nothing to blame but themselves for their weak strategies and infighting.. 


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