Op Murni: RMAF supplied 1 tonne food to flood areas in Temerloh, Pahang

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KUALA LUMPUR JAN.6: The Op Murni initiated by the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) had started today with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) sending one tonne of food to locations in Temerloh district that were seriously affected by the flood.

The Ministry of Defence in its statement said, the locations in Temerloh that were badly hit by the flood include SK Lubuk Terua, SK Lanchang, IKTBN Lanchang and SK Desa Bakti.

The statement added, RMAF had flown the EC725 AP aircraft from No 10 Squadron to send the food and the basic needs supplied by the Social Welfare Department to the flood affected areas in Temerloh.

“RMAF had made six sorties to the affected areas. The flood situation in Temerloh had reached a critical stage since few days ago where many roads to the residential areas could not be passed through while the land routes had been cut off.

“The food delivery services had started from 10.20am until 1.10pm. The aircraft was flown by Flight Commander, Major Nik Mohd Zaki Nik Mohd Amin from RMAF and assisted by Assistant Pilot , Lt Nor Hanani Saharudin (RMAF),” said the statement.

Other flight crew includes Air Quartermaster, Air Warrant Officer II Farid Omar and Air Sgt. Jilvanio Stephanus and Special Air Team (PASKAU), Air Corporal Mohd. Afifi and Air Corporal Wilson s/o Dio. –Malaysia World News


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