Op Benteng Laut: 5 foreign fishing boats ousted by KD Mahawangsa from Malaysian waters

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KUALA LUMPUR APRIL 23: Five foreign fishing boats (BNA) believed to have intruded into the Malaysian waters to reap the seafood illegally in the Perak Island waters had been ousted by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) KD Mahawangsa at 3.50pm, Friday.

RMN in a statement said, following the information received from the West Maritime Component Commander (MCC) KD Mahawangsa on its “Op Benteng Laut” mission had moved towards the location stated and found that the five foreign fishing boats were attempting to enter the national waters.

“KD Mahawangsa had succeeded to intercept and implemented the expulsion actions on all the five boats from the Malaysian waters. Earlier, the B200T aircraft (RMF380) had succeeded to trace the presence of the five boats at 44 nautical miles Southeast Perak Island.

“The cooperation, integrated actions and the quick dissemination of information from all the agencies involved is to ensure that every attempt to intrude into the Malaysian waters or land will be obstructed.

“The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will not compromise on any form of threats involving the security and national sovereignty. RMN together with the maritime enforcement is committed and always ready to protect the national waters all the time,” the statement added. –Malaysia World News

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