Obama: Can Donald Trump become a president?

In response to a question by the media, President Obama said that DonaldTrump will not win the presidential election, and will not become president.
‘Being a president is a tough job. It is not hosting a top show, or reality show, or promotion, and it is not marketing,” Obama said.

“To be a president, it requires you to make hard decisions, work with the leaders around the world, and give people confidence that you know the facts, and you know about their history, not just play with the crowd back home. It looks like an entertainment, but as you get closer, the reality is intruding. Being a president is not for the United state of America but other more than 20 countries in the world who are having problems and they are looking for you to do something, added Obama.

Obama was commenting on some of Trump`s statements that have drawn him severe backlash from many Americans and worldwide observers. For some commentators Trump made the worse statements in politic history when he said that if he became the president of USA, the first thing he would do is to ban Muslims entering the US, and that he would also build a huge wall between America and Mexico to stop Mexican drug traffickers and rapists from entering the US.

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