North Korea Successfully Launched an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

north korea successfully launched a new missile
Leader Kim Jong-un witnessing the test launch of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile 

UPDATE: North Korea has announced it has successfully tested a long-range Intercontinental Ballistic Missile called Hwasung-14.

According to experts, the missile has landed in the Sea of Japan, near an economic Zone.

The test was a direct order from Leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea State TV said on Tuesday.

This is a historical event for North Korea Military forces . With this ICBM, North Korea can hit anywhere in the world, they claim.

This would be a great threat to USA, Japan and South Korea. However international experts are still looking whether it is really an ICBM or not.

There is a growing frustration among the leaders in United State, South Korea and Japan who have been working so hard to turn North Korea from Missiles testing.

Donald Trump reacted in Twitter saying: “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that South Korea will look for an “appropriate action” against North Korea.

This launch came only few days after Moon called North Korea “to come back to the negotiation table” when meeting Donald Trump in USA recently.

Meanwhile, Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated that such ballistic tests are “provocative” and against United Nations Security Council resolutions.

“North Korea continues to threaten its neighbors while undermining regional and global security,” she said.

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