Noh Omar requested to be expelled from UMNO instead of membership’s suspension – Isham Jalil


KUALA LUMPUR: The former Selangor UMNO Relations Chairman, Tan Sri Noh Omar claimed that he had been expelled from UMNO even though the original decision was his membership suspended for six years.

The former Member of Parliament for Tanjong Karang told the media after he attended the UMNO Supreme Council Meeting (MKT) held at the Manara Dato’ Onn, World Trade Centre (WTC), Friday.
According to Noh he had told the MKT that it is better for UMNO to end his membership rather than suspend his membership for six years.

“For what the party suspend me? I have asked the president (Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) to just expel me.

“The president agreed with my request and I have been expelled with immediate effect,” Noh said as quoted by malaysiakini.

Meanwhile UMNO Malaysia Information Chief, Isham Jalil explained that the decision was made after Noh requested to be expelled.

Isham said, earlier the party discipline board had studied and made a decision to suspend Noh’s membership after breaching the discipline during the general election recently.

The last post held by Noh was as a Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative under the premiership of Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob before the parliament was dissolved on 10th Oct. 2022.

However UMNO had dropped Noh from defending his seat in Tanjung Karang where he was the Member of Parliament since 1995. –Malaysia World News

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