No repatriation for Indonesian nationals who joined IS in Syria

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JAKARTA:  Indonesian government has decided not to repatriate Indonesian nationals who joined the Islamic State (IS) movement in Syria and who are stranded there. 

On Tuesday Feb 11, during the Cabinet meeting, President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo gave instructions to identify them and put them on immigration list. 

“We can ban them from entering [the country].”

Indonesians IS sympathisers “are ex-citizens,” he told reporters, adding that priority must be given to the safety of the hundreds of millions of citizens at home.

The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency has already identified 689 Indonesians as IS sympathisers in Syria and Turkey, as well as other countries. Most of them are women and children. 

“We will still provide opportunities for orphans, children under 10 years old to return home.

 “But so far we still don’t know if there are any,” Jokowi added. 

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