No Proof, No Case, No News = Najib is Widely Expected to Win a Third Term

The United States Department of Justice has been investigating Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia for corruption for over a year. Credit European Pressphoto Agency
Najib Razak talking to the media. Pic Credit European Pressphoto Agency.

Though he has been blamed for the higher costs of living that ordinary Malaysians have been suffering since the goods and services tax (GST) was imposed in 2015, and facing a cloud of corruption accusations, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is widely expected to win a third term.

He is much confident he may win in the upcoming general election (GE14), banking on the facts that the opposition is divided and many Malaysians especially the rural still supporting him.

Najib has denied all wrongdoings in connection with a graft scandal centering on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) state fund – an allegation that has shaken the Malaysian public`s conscience for the last two years.  

Malaysia Attorney General has cleared him last year from any wrongdoing, saying that the allegations were all baseless, as 1MDB insists till today that there is no money missing from its fund.

Even though many countries, the USA, Swiss, and Singapore`s investigators believe that billions of money were siphoned overseas from 1MDB fund over the past few years, they could not tangibly prove their claim. Why? – Because 1MDB has denied that its money was missing or misappropriated.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) had concentrated for more than a year on seizing $1.7 billion in assets, including jewelry, real estate and Hollywood movie rights, that says Najib’s family members and associates acquired with money diverted from a Malaysian government fund that he headed, The New York Times reported.

The report added, the department had indicated that it would shift its focus to a criminal investigation into the missing money, which is estimated to total more than $3.5 billion. Officials say much of it was laundered through United States financial institutions.

However, Najib can still visit the White House and set foot on American soil without being jailed or even questioned.

On September last year, Najib had visited and met US President Donald Trump at the White House, on a special invitation, and the two leaders did not discuss 1MDB mega-scandal or DOJ lawsuit, instead, they discussed only trading, defense, and security.

Trump even called Najib as his “Favourite Prime Minister”, during the meeting in the White House.

Another fact that tells us Najib may win the upcoming general election or still be the Prime Minister of Malaysia for the third term is that the Islamic party, the PAS, which has had great influence on majority Malaysian Muslims, is no longer with the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan, nor are they opposing or condemning the corruption allegations involving Najib or 1MDB. 

Selecting the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr.Mahathir, 92, as the candidate for the Prime Minister post for the upcoming general election, the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan is much confident this time to oust Najib and wrest Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional that ruled Malaysia for decades since Malaysia had its independence in 1957.

However, according to analysts, it will be an uphill task for Dr. Mahathir, who joined the opposition only recently, to defeat Najib. First, because the opposition party, the PAS, is not supporting him, neither supporting the other opposition parties, namely the DAP.

Secondly, Dr. Mahathir and the opposition until now cannot present any tangible proof that Najib or Barisan Nasional is corrupted; they only rely on foreign media and foreign investigators, while local media and investigators are quiet and insisting there is no wrongdoing.

As Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak said yesterday, ” the US DOJ has yet to prove any of its allegations in the court of law, despite nearly two years having passed since its sensationalized press conference of July 2016″.

For BN leaders, any opposite critical news published by foreign media or opposition media (not by local mainstream media) is fake news, especially when these pieces of news are not supported by strong proof.

For example, while almost all the world media reported recently that the luxury yacht Equanimity that was seized in Indonesia belonged to Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) whom US department of justice (DOJ) accuses of having siphoned millions of dollars from 1MDB fund,  Salleh and other leaders denied that the seized yacht belong to Jho Low – a counterattack discourse that soothed most hearts of Malaysian people.

Salleh said this is an example of “fake news” and he accused the opposition of having relied on “unverified, unproven” allegations about the vessel, alleging it is owned by Jho Low, and that it was purchased using 1MDB funds.

Relying on 1MDB allegations and the rising costs of living, the opposition may influence the result of the general election 2018. However, it may not weaken Najib or BN`s public support, unless a tangible proof came up plainly proving that the alleged misappropriated money was really from or belongs to 1MDB fund. – Malaysia World News.

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