No more work from home, private sector staffs allowed to go to work effective 1st April 2021

samri ismail

KUALA LUMPUR MAR.30: The government has agreed with the suggestion of the Ministry of International Trade and Investment (MITI) to call off the 30% Work from Home (WFH) compliance for the management and supervisory staffs of companies.  

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the justifications given among others include the instruction to work from home directed to manufacturing companies is difficult to implement as the operations cannot be done remotely.

Ismail said, the manufacturing operations often involve complex processes and technical and with the presence of different team from the management and supervisory staffs. At the same time they are required to work concurrently.

“The cancellation of this condition will give the opportunity to the companies to operate at the maximum level,” he said in a press conference held here today.

Meanwhile, he said, the capacity of the presence of the public services staffs is based on the Circulars/Directives of Public Services Department (JPA).

Ismail added, for the private sectors, 100 percent of the management/supervisory and operation and support staffs are allowed to work.

The directives however will be effective 1st April 2021 and further details on the standard operating procedure (SOP) could be referred to the National Safety Council (NSC) website.

On the Task Force Operations’ Compliance, Ismail said, the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) had detained 17 individuals yesterday and all of them had been compounded.

The SOP non-compliances include activities in the entertainment centres (14) and not wearing mask (3).-Malaysia World News 



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