No more MySejahtera scan when entering premises, no face mask in open spaces effective 1st May 2022 – Minister Khairy

khairy jamalluddion

PUTRAJAYA APRIL 27: The government has announced today that effective 1st May 2022, the new health protocols including wearing the face mask is still compulsory inside the building such as offices, public transports and shopping malls while in open space is optional but people are encouraged to wear it to reduce COVID-19 infections.

Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin said, the people are encouraged to wear the mask in public places especially at night market and “Pasar Ramadan”.

“People with cough and flu, not vaccinated and in the high risk groups including senior citizens are encouraged to wear masks even though outside the building,” Khairy said in a press conference here today.

Elaborating on that, Khairy said the people can remove the mask while doing exercises alone, giving speech and performing on the stage.

According to Khairy MySejahtera scan will not be in use any more but people with Home Surveillance Order (HSO) status will not be allowed to enter any premises and the authority can check on the MySejahtera of an individual.

He added, the people are allowed to enter the premises regardless of their vaccination status but people with COVID-19 infection and under quarantine are not allowed to enter. However social distancing is according to situations.

Meanwhile in view of the Aidilfitri is to be celebrated in few days time, Khairy said, the people can now shake hands with their friends, family members and others provided their hands are clean and avoid from touching the face after the hand shake.

Khairy added, the Aidilfitri open house is allowed but the people are to put on the masks. People infected with positive COVID-19 and with symptoms are not allowed to attend.

Regarding the “Solat Aidilfitri” Khairy said, it is allowed 100 per cent but the people have to put on their face masks at all times. –Malaysia World News

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