No ban on animal sacrifice in Kashmir during Aidiladha, says official

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SRINAGAR, India — The Indian government has given instructions to ban the slaughter of all animals, including sheep and goats during the upcoming festival of Aidiladha. However, Authorities in Indian-controlled Kashmir on Friday said there is no ban on the sacrifice of animals during the upcoming Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday.

G.L. Sharma, a senior government official, was quoted by Washington Post as saying the earlier communication was “misconstrued,” and the government had been seeking proper transportation of animals and the prevention of cruelty during the Muslim festival.

“The letter was sent to enforcement agencies to enforce the laws of the Animal Welfare Board and it is at the time there is mass slaughter of animals to prevent cruelty on animals,” Sharma said, according to the local news portal The Kashmir Walla. “This is not a ban on slaughter and sacrifice.”

The government’s Animal Welfare Board of India has ordered police and authorities to “take all preventive measures” to halt the “illegal killing of animals and to take stringent action against offenders”.

Generally, cows are considered sacred in Hindu-majority India, and slaughtering them or eating beef is illegal or restricted across much of the country.

Majority of Muslims in Kashmir expressed “strong resentment” at the government move.

The group said in a statement that the sacrifice of animals to honour the Prophet Ibrahim “is an important tenet of religion on this day”.




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