NGOs urged OIC to press Israel to let free  the Imam of Al-Aqsar Mosque yeikh Ekrima

Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri . Foto Anadolu Ajansi

KUALA LUMPUR: Four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) urged the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to immediately press Israel to stop trespassing and disturbing the Al-Aqsa Mosque imam Syeikh Ekrima Sobri.

The four Muslim NGO leaders includes the President of Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (Mapim) Mohd.

Azmi Abdul Hamid; Chairman of World Mosque Alliance Defending Al Aqsa , Datuk Seri Syekh Ahmad Awang; Chairman Sekretariat Himpunan Ulama Rantau Asia (SHURA), Datuk Syekh Abdul Ghani Samsudin and Secretary Palestine Secretariat Malaysia, Syed Syekh Al Attas.

The four NGO leaders in a statement said, OIC should act seriously to free the mosque in line with the original objective of its establishment in 1969.

“The Israelis action attacking the house of Imam Al-Aqsa Mosque, Syeikh Ekrima and stopping him from travelling is a barbaric act and challenging the Muslims. We strongly condemn the Israelis action that is becoming more aggressive and targeting the Palestinian leader.

“Syeikh Ekrima is a strong preacher of Al-Aqsar Mosque. The Israelis action forbidding him to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque for several months is against the human rights.

“To obstruct the freedom to practise one’s religion and forbidding him to enter the sacred religion house is denying human rights. Israel is now doing terrorists’ activities to stop the Palestinian leader to protect the sacredness of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” the statement said on Tuesday.

Sinar Harian on Monday reported that the Israelis intelligent agent had attacked the resident of Sheikh Ekrima Sabri at East Baitulmaqdis and handed a notice forbidding the preacher to travel according to his lawyer on Monday.

He said, the Al-Aqsar Mosque preacher becomes the target of the incitement campaigns of the Israelis supporting group.
The statement added, the Muslims should stand up to condemn the Israelis and demand the Muslim leader to be free to enable him to perform his prayers in that mosque. –Malaysia World News

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