New infrastructures in Kedah proves that the state has not been marginalized

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ALOR SETAR: To minimise the impact of floods in Kedah, the government is committed to implement seven flood mitigation plans (RTB) in the 12th Malaysia Plan with the allocation of RM1.3 billion including at Sungai Pendang, Sungai Kedah/Anak Bukit; Baling, Kuala Pegang and Bandar Jitra Selatan.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, RM239 million had also been allocated to build sewerage system in the whole of Kedah including 28 public sewage logs and 16 sewage logs in the government premises.

Ismail said, the government via North Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) is also committed to lead the North Territory socio-economic growth.

The implementation of the strategic high impact project such as Kedah Rubber City will increase the value of trade and make Padang Terap as the national main border city.

“Besides the high impact project the Integrated Centre for Gas Supply and Pulau Bunting Power Generation Log in Yan proves that Kedah has never been marginalized by the Federal Government,” Ismail said in his speech in conjunction with “Jelajah Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia” at the Main Astaka Area, Stadium Darul Aman on Friday.

Ismail added, Kedah had also enjoyed the benefits when the government via NCIA had implemented the high impact project that attracted investments worth RM37.21 billion and created more than 36,717 new job opportunities in the state.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the government is aware and concerned on the importance of good road networks for the Malaysian Family especially in Kedah to carry out their daily activities safely and comfortably.

He said, the government had spent RM425 million to upgrade seven roads from the Lencongan Barat junction to Tiga Kemboja junction besides RM526 million to upgrade the federal road Gerik/Kupang/Lunas.

“The Manjalara Bridge in Kota Setar that has been old will be replaced with a new bridge to ensure the traffic is more systematic for the Malaysian Family,” Ismail said.

According to Ismail the government will be spending RM1.13 billion on 109 new and existing projects that had been allocated by the government to build schools and education institutions.

“In view of the living quality and the prosperity of the hard core poor families, the government had introduced the Poorest People’s Housing Programme (PPRT) to provide safe and comfortable houses.

“With this initiative, 844 houses had been built and repaired in Kedah involving RM15.702 million that benefits more than 4,220 households in the rural areas,” he said.

Ismail said, the government also cares for the Malaysian Family’s health and as such will upgrade the medical facilities in Kedah. Under the allocation RP4, 12th Malaysia Plan, the government plans to build a Northern Territory Cancer Center situated in Sungai Petani. – Malaysia World News.



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