National coaches receive salary increases

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BUKIT JALIL: The National Sports Council (NSC) Management Board Meeting has approved the salary adjustment and new remunerations for the National Coach Working Scheme (SPJK) effective from 1st January 2024.

The NSC Communication Corporate Branch in a statement said, the meeting chaired by Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh has approved a salary increase for full time coach who works for Podium Programme and National Backing Athletes based on the level of qualification following the National Coaching Certificate Scheme (SPKK) and years of experience in coaching.

The statement added, the salary increase covers coaches with SPKK Level 3 Certificate – highest qualification certified by the National Coaching Academy (AKK). They will enjoy a salary increase from RM4, 500 a month to RM5, 900 a month following the adjustment that was newly approved.

“To encourage more former national athletes to participate in coaching, the additional salary remuneration will be given based on the athlete’s best achievement. For example, a former athlete who becomes a full-time coach-a medallist in Olympic Games or Paralympic Games will be given remuneration of additional salary of RM3,500.00 a month while a medallist for World Championship will get an additional salary remuneration of RM3,000.00,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, a special allowance of RM600.00 has been approved for all coaches in Podium Programme and National Backing Athletes (except coaches on secondment or released from employer) while the part time coach allowance will also be increased based on the SPKK qualification.

“The adjustment of the National Coach Working Scheme was approved as an improvement to the existing rates in the scheme that was last reviewed in 2014,” the statement said. –Malaysia World News


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